Your Comprehensive 3-Part Guide to Escape Room San Antonio- The Best Escape Room in San Antonio

Don’t know much about escape rooms? There’s no better place to start than this comprehensive guide from San Antonio’s best escape room! What is an Escape Room? An escape room
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Escape Room San Antonio’s 5 Tips and Tricks to Win

Just in case you’d like some tips and tricks to beat the tougher rooms, we’ve put them together for you:
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4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Escape Room San Antonio and Its New Room: Saboteur

Want to escape your boring day, get out of your house, and enjoy some fun puzzle-solving, world-exploring action? Look no further than Escape Room San Antonio! Our private escape rooms are one of the top things to do in San Antonio.
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Spooky Island Escape Room

Step into the World of Voodoo Island

10 million dollars awaits anyone who can rescue the ambassador's granddaughter. That is the only mystery that needs to be solved today. And so with the spirit of a hero flowing through you, you exit the boat and the others fall in line. You have 60 minutes. 15 puzzles stand in your way. Here we go. Into the jungle...
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The Tomb of the Red Queen Awaits

You’re trapped. There’s only one way out. You must do what the King commanded. Solve his riddles. Follow his clues. If you do this, you will reunite the souls of ancient Palenque royalty, and in doing so, reap rewards. But if you fail, this Tomb will become home to more than just the Red Queen.
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Begin Your Journey to Find the Lost Jewel!

"I can’t describe where it’s located over this message out of fear that it might fall into the wrong hands. But I’ve left you a series of clues. Remember your training, remember everything I’ve taught you, and you’ll find the Lost jewel of Zanzibar. Only you can ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.”
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Experience Escape Room San Antonio

Book one of our 6 escape rooms and experience the ultimate escape adventure – there’s something for everyone. We can’t wait to see you!