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dark navy panther | Lost Jewel Of Zanzibar
patch of green grass | Lost Jewel Of Zanzibar

You are in charge of acquiring new assets for the British National Museum. Your coworker, Magnus Ferguson, is in Africa looking for ancient and mysterious artifacts to bring back to the museum, when he stumbles upon…

explorer man with backpack and hat holding binoculars | Lost Jewel Of Zanzibar

The legendary Lost Jewel of Zanzibar! This jewel has been lost for thousands of years and whoever finds it could make millions! That kind of money has sent people (both good and bad) on the hunt for this jewel for centuries. Magnus quickly collects the jewel and heads back to his campsite. He should take care of this valuable jewel immediately!

blue magnifying glass | Lost Jewel Of Zanzibar
red jewel | Lost Jewel Of Zanzibar
red jewel | Lost Jewel Of Zanzibar

Ferguson has a feeling he’s being watched… A shadow trailed behind him since he started looking for this jewel. He recognizes the man from the “WANTED” posters he had seen in town. It’s Zanzibar’s most infamous warlord, and he’s trying to steal the jewel!

patch of green grass | Lost Jewel Of Zanzibar

In a rush to escape the warlord, Ferguson conceals the jewel in his campsite. As his most trusted co-worker, he left a trail of clues only you can solve!

red jewel | Lost Jewel Of Zanzibar
blue and green timer

It’s up to you and your team to solve 13 puzzles, find the jewel, and ensure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. The warlord is heading towards the campsite, and he’s only an hour away. Can you find the jewel and escape in under 60 minutes, or will the warlord catch you?