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Become a Test Subject for Escape Room San Antonio for FREE!

Hurry! Sign up to be a test subject for San Antonio’s newest escape room for FREE! From our lobby to your escape, we have extended our unparalleled experience beyond the four walls of the escape room. Call (210) 201- 4868 to secure your spot.

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30% of Grand Opening Proceeds Go to _____ Foundation

We believe in equality at Escape Room San Antonio, so to give back to minorities in our community we are giving 30% of all proceeds from our grand opening night to _____ foundation.

Find the Hidden Keys 

(Not for the Faint of Heart)

We have keys hidden throughout our website. Kinda like little easter eggs, if you’re familiar. Can you find all six? Send your screenshots to puzzles@escaperoomsa.com to unlock a special discount!

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