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Frequently asked questions…let’s get in the know!

Get this, you can have the entire room to yourselves with our private bookings (awesome we know!) These private bookings can be two or more thrill-seekers.

We are a one-of-a-kind escape room experience with private bookings! At Escape Room San Antonio you don’t have to worry about “stranger danger.” You get to escape with whoever you bring…so choose wisely! Especially if your bragging rights are on the line!

Each of our rooms creates an exciting experience, unique to each adventure…get ready to have some fun! At Escape Room San Antonio we have a staff that’s trained with a customer-first mindset (of course!)

With each game, it’s all about experiencing something unique that gets everyone from the family in on the fun….your mother, brother, or youngster! However, should you at any point wish to leave the game, (too much excitement can be frightening) you may do so by telling a member of our team… a get out of jail free card of sorts.

(GERMS!)Well yeah, interacting with the room is the funnest part! Don’t worry though, we don’t like germs either! So, hand sanitizer is stationed at the entrance/exit of every room. It helps to kill them pesky germs before and after every game. Some of our teammates (ahem- our owner) are germaphobes (don’t tell him we said that) so we disinfect between each game as well. Look, if you pick up a germ here, somebody should give that little germ the Houdini of the year award.


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