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Dare to Escape one of our 5 rooms at our Escape Room San Antonio Bandera Rd location

Choose Your Adventure

An Escape Room, or an escape game, is where a team of players find clues, solve puzzles, and complete tasks with a limited amount of time in order to complete the final goal. Oftentimes, the goal is often to escape from the site, or the room. Can you escape?

Graphic of alien, waving in the distance | escape room san antonio bandera
Portal in the ground with various color edges with an orb of various colors around it, and stars in the darkness of the Black portal


Gather your friends, family, and coworkers! Choose a Bandera Rd. escape room that excites you, and let the games begin! When the door shuts, a timer will start, and you’ll have 60 minutes to solve the mysteries and escape. Pay attention to the words on the screen as they are your guide. Experience the thrill of a lifetime through a series of brain-busting escape puzzles and riddles. Book any of our 5 rooms below!

Top of pyramid, Kapstone in yellow and pink | escape room san antonio bandera
Pyramid with all seeing eye color is pink and blue. Missing top Kapstone. | escape room san antonio bandera
waldschrate escape room poster | escape room san antonio bandera
Difficulty: 3/5
Players: 2-6
murder at mardis gras escape room poster | escape room san antonio bandera
Difficulty: 4/5
Players: 2-10
tomb of the red queen escape room poster
Difficulty: 5/5
Players: 2-12
rescue from voodoo island escape room poster
Difficulty: 2/5
Players: 2-12
lost jewel of zanzibar escape room poster
Difficulty: 2/5
Players: 2-12
Alien graphic, holding large key above his head
Portal in the ground with various color edges with an orb of various colors around it, and stars in the darkness of the Black portal


It’s a Friday evening, in October.

You and your friends have packed the car, headed to the woods for a long-awaited camping experience. You can’t wait to relax and enjoy nature outside the city.
A commercial interrupts the car ride. It’s a state-wide PSA from the city government, reminding you to stay within the city limits since people venturing to the woods lately have been going missing. You dismiss it.

You’ve arrived at the cabin! You unpack, settle in, and light a fire in the pit to cook dinner. Then, to wrap up the night, you walk up the cliff to watch the sunset– and also to walk off those two extra servings of peach cobbler.A mile into the evening hike, dark clouds begin to hover over your group. You’re almost to the top of the cliff! The group brushes it off– a little rain never hurt anybody.


You work at the Blue Moon: the hottest jazz club in New Orleans! You’re a part of the band that gets everybody dancing. That is, until…During your shift, you get an unexpected call from your friend, who is a detective at the police department.
You immediately answer, since she texted that it’s important. She tells you that the owner of Blue Moon was murdered behind the club during your shift!She warns you that the police are coming to arrest you for murder! You don’t have much information, but since you didn’t do it, you know you can prove your innocence…


Your team of archeologists is studying the Mayan Ruins in Palenque. You take your team into the next room to explore, when suddenly your flashlights begin to dim and rocks start falling around you… You find yourselves trapped in a tomb with no way out! Panic begins to set in… 

Then you hear the booming voice of the soul of King Pakal! He commands that you must complete the ritual burial of his beautiful bride, the Red Queen. 


The sun is shining over a cloudless blue sky. You and your friends are having a blast island hopping on your sailboat!You suddenly hear an SOS call on the radio. Everyone stops what they are doing. You turn up the radio and hear the Ambassador of the mainland pleading for help. His granddaughter has been kidnapped!The Ambassador’s granddaughter is young, frightened, and needs someone to help her escape. You turn to your friends. You know what to do.


You are in charge of acquiring new assets for the British National Museum. Your coworker, Magnus Ferguson, is in Africa looking for ancient and mysterious artifacts to bring back to the museum, when he stumbles

The legendary Lost Jewel of Zanzibar! This jewel has been lost for thousands of years and whoever finds it could make millions! That kind of money has sent people (both good and bad) on the hunt for this jewel for centuries. Magnus quickly collects the jewel and heads back to his campsite. A jewel this valuable must be taken care of immediately! upon…

Ferguson has a feeling he’s been watched… He’s noticed a shadow trailing behind him since he started looking for this jewel. He recognizes the man from the “WANTED” posters he had seen in town. It’s Zanzibar’s most infamous warlord, and he’s trying to steal the jewel!