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Lowest Prices! Unlimited Hints! No Fee Private Experiences!

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Lowest Prices! Unlimited Hints! No Fee Private Experiences!

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First 30 bookings for our NEW Stone Oak location will receive a free room ticket. Click the link below to claim yours before we run out!


Difficulty: 3/5
Players: 2-10
An evil A.I. has gone rogue and you need to find her and unplug her before she destroys humanity forever! Do you have what it takes?
Private Room! No Extra Fee! Once booked, it is removed from calendar!
Difficulty: 3/5
Players: 2-10
The portal at Kings Cross Stations has stopped working, use your talent to create new spells that will help you find aquatic portkey to escape!
Private Room! No Extra Fee! Once booked, it is removed from calendar!
Difficulty: 4/5
Players: 2-6
Enjoy a gathering of lifelong friends that turns into a cascade of catastrophic failures that points to sabotage.
Private Room! No Extra Fee! Once booked, it is removed from calendar!


Difficulty: 2/5
Players: 2-10
Embark on a thrilling adventure and step into the shoes of an artifact hunter.
Private Room! No Extra Fee! Once booked, it is removed from calendar!
Difficulty: 5/5
Players: 2-12
Escape the ancient enigma of the Tomb Of The Red Queen on an archeological expedition like no other!
Private Room! No Extra Fee! Once booked, it is removed from calendar!
Difficulty: 2/5
Players: 2-12
Set sail on an island-hopping adventure and attempt to save a young girl and secure treasure!
Private Room! No Extra Fee! Once booked, it is removed from calendar!
Difficulty: 4/5
Players: 2-12
Evade an impending police arrest while exploring New Orleans’ hottest jazz club!
Private Room! No Extra Fee! Once booked, it is removed from calendar!
Difficulty: 3/5
Players: 2-6
This horror will have you unlocking the secrets of a rundown cabin the middle of the woods!
Private Room! No Extra Fee! Once booked, it is removed from calendar!



Schedule a private booking (all bookings are private at no extra cost) with family, friends or colleagues in any of our awesome escape rooms.


Put your heads together (not literally, though) for 60 minutes full of mystery, riddles, puzzles, and escape games.


Don’t forget, you only have 60 minutes to solve the clues. Will you make it? Your bragging rights are on the line!


Experience 60 minutes of immense fun in any Escape Room San Antonio escape room! We have 5 private escape rooms at our Bandera Rd location and 4 private escape rooms at our Stone Oak location. Our rooms are a challenging, but memorable experience for all. So, if you enjoy mystery, adventure, riddles, puzzles or general escape games, come visit Escape Room San Antonio! Don’t hesitate to also bring along your family, friends, or coworkers. After all, we have an escape room for everyone!


10350 Bandera Road,
STE 302
San Antonio,Texas 78250


700 E Sonterra Blvd
STE 206,
San Antonio, TX 78258


m a d e l i n em a d e l i n e
09:51 28 Jan 24
love love love
LaDarian FranklinLaDarian Franklin
06:34 24 Jan 24
Me and my friends did the Waldschrate room and it did not disappoint! Aidan gave us a 10/10 escape room experience. He definitely helped us escape and he is hilarious😭 We definitely are coming back!
Derek RavizeeDerek Ravizee
00:11 21 Jan 24
Cami was super sweet and very helpful during our time in the escape room. Her instructions were very clear before we went in, and we were confident that we could solve any puzzles inside.
03:56 14 Jan 24
Had a ton of fun with my friends and our game master Rob was the best!!! He helped us a ton!
Sabrina NicholsSabrina Nichols
05:33 12 Jan 24
Dani was awesome in recommending us to a new room. The Voodoo island was super fun.
Austin JonesAustin Jones
21:09 28 Dec 23
Wow this place is so much fun! Amazing game masters! Rob, Cami and Berk did a great job giving hints when asked! They let us struggle but the perfect amount! Definitely recommend coming here with friends and family! Thank you so much we will be back!
Andrea AguileraAndrea Aguilera
01:36 22 Dec 23
This was our first real escape room and I have wanted to do one for a long time. I really greatful this place has private rooms. I have a feeling I myself would not have enjoyed as much if we had to have a random group share. Dani was very nice and informative. She did a great approach to see how much and how little help we wanted or needed. Booked our next right away. I can't wait :).....we totally ran out of time, but darn it, we were so close!We did the Jewel of ZanzabarAndrea A.
Marlene ZMarlene Z
00:08 18 Dec 23
Great room options to pick from. Burke and Cami were great Staff helpers and explained fees and rules. We'll be back for sure.
Kyle KaliskyKyle Kalisky
02:07 11 Nov 23
An exhilarating and thrilling escape experience at Escape Room San Antonio! The attention to detail in the rooms and the cleverly crafted puzzles made for an engaging challenge. What truly elevated the adventure was Game Master Burke. His enthusiasm, expert guidance, and seamless immersion into the storyline added an extra layer of excitement. Burke's hints were perfectly timed, nudging us in the right direction without giving too much away, ensuring we had an incredible time solving the mysteries. His dedication to ensuring our enjoyment was evident and greatly appreciated. A big kudos to Game Master Burke and the entire team for an unforgettable escape room experience!
sierra cuellarsierra cuellar
14:36 10 Nov 23
My husband and I had our double date this last week and loved the detail in the room. We escaped Tomb of the Red Queen, and Rob did a great job with the hints. They were helpful but not all the way revealing which was perfect! The entrance was so clean and smelt really good.
Ceara O'DonnellCeara O'Donnell
00:43 16 Oct 23
Genevie VasquezGenevie Vasquez
23:07 14 Oct 23
So fun and definitely challenging! But we made it out! Piper was so helpful.
Mark BeckwithMark Beckwith
04:50 14 Oct 23
Great experience, good puzzles, can't wait to do it again
Michael BeckwithMichael Beckwith
04:50 14 Oct 23
Very fun! Cami was an excellent game master and very understanding of not wanting jump scares
Janeth RezaJaneth Reza
23:03 12 Oct 23
Loved it! We went for my son’s birthday and Rob did an awesome job explaining the process. We had a great time and will definitely be coming back to do the hardest level soon! Thanks again Rob.
Amanda MeansAmanda Means
22:43 11 Oct 23
Our ‘Official Hinter and Coffiner’ was Burke. And he was very helpful when we overlooked stuff like the painting open right in front of our eyes. I only wish there had been more jump-scares. The sound affects were nice, but my favorite part was solving everything.
Chase BlowersChase Blowers
03:11 10 Oct 23
I did an escape room yesterday with my friends, it was amazing! We did the Halloween room and the challenges were creative! Our host was Sam and he made the game even better and has a great sense of humor! We will definitely go back when I visit Texas again! Thank you!
Eddie ElizaldeEddie Elizalde
00:52 04 Oct 23
Great experience for me and my kids. Noelle was an amazing host and made our experience fun and exciting. It was great that they showed what percentage of the escape room had been completed. Now we know how much is left when we go back to complete the room.
Haley VeraHaley Vera
14:35 25 Jul 23
A work group and I were in town for a conference and we were looking for an escape room. This one came up, and we figured why not.Upon arrival, the clerk was attentive and energetic. She got us into our room quickly and we were off.The rooms are well designed. The decor sets the mood. We went through several different rooms until...we lost.Get the hints!!
Katie LonerganKatie Lonergan
21:59 27 Nov 22
Great service and fun room! The clues were challenging but thoughtful. The room was clean and I really enjoyed that it was 3 different spaces/rooms in one. Very chill and polite staff, especially Ana! Will go back again! Fair warning, it is a little pricey, but I think you get what you pay for, and this is an excellent experience.
Lauren GawlikLauren Gawlik
03:46 22 Oct 22
So much fun with my 12 yo son! Was just us two, and even though we never made it out (so technically we are probably still stuck in there, in escape room limbo/purgatory) we had a blast! Thanks to game master Caitlyn for a fun funny time! We can just pretend you didn’t have to give us the half the answers we got!
00:46 14 Jul 22
This was such a fun date night for me and my fiancé! We made a last minute decision to go do something fun and this was the perfect spot. The staff were super accommodating and recommended what room would be easiest for just a pair. Bill was our game master and he was super nice and helpful! He only had to assure us a couple times that the jump scare was indeed taken out 😂😂 The place was clean, service was phenomenal, and the game was so much fun. Challenging enough to keep us guessing but easy enough to finish with two and a half minutes to spare!! Recommend for anyone looking to have a good night out and get a great deal for their money 😁😁
Shane NunesShane Nunes
18:49 30 Oct 21
An amazing escape room experience! I’ve played over 40 escape rooms and the decorations in the room are towards the top I have played. The rooms are challenging enough but not so obscure that it’s not fun. Tasha was very welcoming and a great game master. Thanks again for a fun time!
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