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Escape Room SA has entered a portal to a new realm to create the Stone Oak escape room
experience you have all been waiting for! See details below on our 4 new rooms!

Portals To New Realms

An Escape Room, or an escape game, is where a team of players find clues, solve puzzles, and complete tasks with a limited amount of time in order to complete the final goal. Oftentimes, the goal is often to escape from the site, or the room. Can you escape?
Top cap stone for all seeing eye pyramid
Blue, pink, and yellow pyramid with a seing rye missing top cap stone


Escape Room SA unveils its latest immersive adventure, now set in the captivating realm of Stone Oak! Get ready to unlock the secrets of Stone Oak, where every twist and turn will leave you spellbound!
Embark on an extraordinary journey through our four brand-new rooms, full of intricate riddles, puzzles, and challenges that will test your wit, teamwork, and resourcefulness. As you enter the threshold of Stone Oak, you will find yourself immersed in an unparalleled experience like no other. As you step into our enchanted realm, leave the ordinary world behind and immerse yourself in a world of wonder and intrigue. Gather your team, unleash your creativity, and be prepared for an adventure that will transport you to the realms of pure imagination. The Stone Oak escape room experience awaits! Choose your adventure below.

A graphic of a goat with pink yellow and gray horns, and blue, for with a belt around its neck
saboteur escape room poster
Difficulty: 5/5
Players: 2-6
sera escape room poster
Difficulty: 3/5
Players: 2-10
Difficulty: 1/5
Players: 2-5
savage escape room poster
Difficulty: 4/5
Players: 2-10
school of magic escape room poster
Difficulty: 3/5
Players: 2-10
A road sign with an alien head
A graphic of a goat with pink yellow and gray horns, and blue, for with a belt around its neck
pop-up image


Every year, you and five of your lifelong friends gather for a weekend of relaxation. These few days at a remote cabin give the six of you time to catch up, retell old stories, and reflect on your recent successes. And each of you have seen your fair share of success over the years.

John became an oil and gas tycoon, a real modern-day Rockefeller. If you use a phone, it probably runs on Tim’s software…and he’s reaped the benefits. Andrew went off chasing ambulances until he grew into the country’s most successful personal injury attorney.


You and several other coworkers were awakened from being knocked out by a massive explosion at the factory where you assemble the impressive Security Enabled Robotic Assistant (S.E.R.A) robots.

The factory blast doors have gone into emergency mode and locked down as safety precaution because the nuclear power plant powering the factory is going to explode in 60 minutes. 

The only way out is to use the massive strength of a S.E.R.A to pry open the doors. Unfortunately, the S.E.R.A is on the other side of the blast doors in Hangar II and is shut down for maintenance. Luckily, the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that runs her is still alive and can assist you in rebooting S.E.R.A. so she can help rip open the blast door and free you. Hurry though, time is running out!


Starcade is a one of a kind escape! It’s a fast pace 60 minute blitz game designed to have players moving fast and constantly solving puzzles. Also its a total black light immersion that is designed to wow your senses using vibrant paint under black lights (obviously) and some pretty trippy lasers! 
Want to split up payment with your group? No problem, buy 2 tickets to reserve, then we will settle with each person at the escape room. 


After traveling to the School of Wizards, the portal at Kings Cross Station has mysteriously stopped working. Thankfully, you and your friends are the brightest first year students. You must use that talent to learn new spells and chants that will help you find a Portkey that you need to escape. Be careful, though. Magic is a mysterious thing and can reverse effects if not used carefully.