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Stone Oak

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You and several other coworkers were awakened from being knocked out by a massive explosion at the factory where you assemble the impressive Security Enabled Robotic Assistant (S.E.R.A) robots.

The factory blast doors have gone into emergency mode and locked down as safety precaution because the nuclear power plant powering the factory is going to explode in 60 minutes. 

The only way out is to use the massive strength of a S.E.R.A to pry open the doors. Unfortunately, the S.E.R.A is on the other side of the blast doors in Hangar II and is shut down for maintenance. Luckily, the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that runs her is still alive and can assist you in rebooting S.E.R.A. so she can help rip open the blast door and free you. Hurry though, time is running out!