Who’s Bluffing?

Every year, you and five of your life-long friends gather for a weekend of relaxation. These few days at a remote cabin give the six of you time to catch up, retell old stories, and reflect on your recent successes. And each of you have seen your fair share of success over the years.

John became an oil and gas tycoon, a real modern-day Rockefeller.


For anyone who uses a phone, Tim has likely built the software for it…and he’s reaped the benefits.


Andrew went off chasing ambulances until he grew into the country’s most successful injury attorney.

James, always the math whiz, made a name for himself on Wall Street and is now one of best Hedge Fund managers in the South.

Gary owns most of the commercial real estate in a 500-mile radius of Austin, TX.

And Adam has made a name for himself as a wildly talented designer, crafting homes and apartments all across the world.

Each of you has grown to be at the peak of your respective fields, and your bank accounts reflect that. 

Until now. Every single friend has experienced one devastating blow after another. Offices closed. Deals canceled. Investments failed. Over the past several months, rumors have become conspiracy, and the word in your circle is now clear: THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT.

What is usually a weekend filled with fishing, drinking, and unwinding has become a race to get to the truth. As you look around the room, your eyes narrow at your so-called “best pals” because you know that one of them has sabotaged the others.
But who…

Who…is the Saboteur?