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Cartoons holding presents and party hats above head on spaceship with other cartoons on platform below. Escape Room Birthday Parties
Cloud of smoke pushing left
Cloud of smoke pushing right

Looking to have an out of this world birthday party? By escaping one of our 5 themed rooms at our Bandera Rd. location, you can adventure with friends and become escape artists together. Our team is passionate about creating thrilling escapes, and we also go above and beyond the four walls of our rooms to ensure everyone has a memorable experience.

Check out pricing, participation details, and our booking process for our Bandera Rd. and Stone Oak locations with the link below.

More Info about Birthday Parties

Do you have Birthday Party packages?

Escape Room San Antonio has a special gift for the birthday boy or girl. That person gets to play for FREE! (using a code which will be sent once the space is booked)!

What’s included? What’s not included?

As with all escape room group events, we provide the entertainment: access to our 5 amazing Bandera Rd. escape rooms. Since we’ve devoted 100% of our facility to providing awesome escape experiences, we don’t have space for cake, other food, or presents.

I have a group of 25 people. Can they all play at the same time, or will my group be running in phases or be split up?

That’s awesome, we love big groups! In fact, we have 5 unique escape rooms at our Bandera Rd. location that can run at the same time so your group can be split up and have fun all at the same time!

How many people can we have in one escape room?

Our five rooms at Bandera Rd. can each accommodate up to ten people. This means that we have the capacity to host quite a big celebration at either location!

Sounds fun! How do I book my package?

You can book your Birthday Party Package at Escape Room San Antonio by giving our team a call or reaching out by email.


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