corporate Team Building With a Thrilling Twist

ESCAPE WORK WITH YOUR TEAM for a fun bonding experience!

When you do a team-building event with Escape Room San Antonio, you will gain a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, leaving your business in a better position to overcome obstacles and become even more successful! Ready to improve team spirit and have a blast while doing it? Check out pricing, participation details, and our booking process below.

corporate team


Select the "Company Team Building" option on our booking page.
Pick a date and time, then go share it with your team. Don't worry, you can work out the RSVP later.
Select the group size that best fits your team. This can be updated later and doesn't impact the deposit due now.
Make it official with just $50 down. Again, don't worry about the date or time or group size -- you can change these later.
Show up on your scheduled day with your game face on, ready to earn some bragging rights!
Take some group photos with our awesome backdrops so you can really brag at the office (free of charge)!

Ready to treat your team to a day out of the office and immerse yourselves into a fast-paced experience that will test your problem-solving skills?

Check out the prices, customer reviews, and FAQs of our unforgettable team bonding experience below:

Up To 10 Employees
Up To 15 Employees
Up To 20 Employees
Up To 25 Employees
Up To 30 Employees
Up To 40 Employees
Up To 50 Employees
Up To 60 Employees

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it:



  • How many people can play a game?

    Each escape room can fit up to 10 people. If your group is bigger than that, your team will be split between rooms for a good old competition.

  • Do I have to pay for a 15 person game if there’s only 11 players?

    No! You can manually add players to any package. Just buy the 10 person package and we will add a ticket (at full price) to your reservation when you arrive.

  • What if my company is tax-exempt?

    We can remove the sales tax from your booking. Just email your tax-exempt form over to us.

  • What do I do if I’m unsure of how big my group will be?

    We recommend getting a package to accommodate the maximum possible size of your group to ensure that you reserve enough space. Remember, you only need to do a down payment of $50 to reserve, regardless of group size. This is designed to give you flexibility all the way up until the day of the event. 

  • Can I add people after confirming my booking?

    Of course! You can add or remove players from your reservation. We can always upgrade packages or add individual tickets.

  • Can you invoice my company?

    Absolutely! Please note that invoices are due on receipt and your booking isn’t reserved until payment is received.



Ready to switch up ordinary happy hour and drab rounds of golf with a new, actually stimulating company outing? Let’s get started!