Our Mission

Escape Room SA is a unique, private escape room experience designed to ignite thrills  for everyone who loves a good challenge– and the fun of solving a mystery!

Meet the mastermind behind the Operation

Tyler Dahl, Owner and CEO of Escape Room San Antonio, is a proud veteran and local San Antonian. Tyler’s leadership has been developed through the military, corporate America, and owning multiple companies. Escape Room San Antonio was created to realize Tyler’s dream of bringing a fun, family-friendly yet challenging escape room experience to his community.

Tyler is nothing without his circus of six, plus a dog and a turtle. Tyler and Jenna, his high school sweetheart, have four beautiful children: Natalie, Wyatt, Emma, and Andrea Jane.

tyler-dahl making live escape games available in san antonio texas

Our Commitment To Thrill Seekers

From our lobby to your escape, we have extended our unparalleled experience beyond the four walls of the escape room. Our staff has been trained in the art of laughter and suspense. Get ready to have your socks knocked off! We go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy our escape room above all others.


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We want to ensure the  safety of all of our guests at Escape Room San Antonio. Prior to your arrival, please have every member of your party sign the following online waiver.