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Step into the World of Voodoo Island

Step into the World of Voodoo Island

The sun is shimmering off waves that crack against the sides of your boat. Exotic birds fly overhead. Laying on the bow of the ship, you and your friends theorize what the rare birds might be named. The beautiful sounds of a day spent on the water ring out across the open sea. 

Until. “S.O.S!” The call of a radio pierces through the peaceful quiet of the moment and leaves everyone with a foreboding sense of danger. “Please help…anybody!” Suddenly everyone is on their feet, and your friends look frantically at one another. “My granddaughter…she’s been taken. Anyone?” Every group member is frozen in place, feet stuck to the deck of the ship like nautical statues. 

You are the first to move, grabbing the radio and holding it up to your mouth. But no words come. How does one respond to a call like this? “Hello? This is the Ambassador. Please…please.” His voice cracks and trails off. You put the radio down and look to your friends. “The Ambassador. Like THE Ambassador?” They stare blankly back at you. Suddenly the radio crackles once more and a faint voice fills the silent void: “Voodoo Island…10 million dol-” the Ambassador whispers. Then he’s gone. 

“Voodoo Island?” The name itself engenders fear. Fear of the unknown. No one has set foot on those God-forsaken shores since – well, you’d rather not think about it. Fear is meant to be conquered, and suddenly you can feel a grin forming. You turn to your group. Vacations, after all, aren’t meant to be boring. “Who’s up for an adventure?” you say.

Spooky Island Escape Room

And just like that, you’re off. Standing on the bow as the boat rips through waves makes you feel practically invincible. But you haven’t the slightest clue what is in store for you and your friends. You don’t even know where the ambassador’s granddaughter is or, better yet, who kidnapped her! But 10 million dollars split between you and your friends? Well, how could anybody pass that up? You daydream, and you see yourself holding a briefcase full of crisp hundred dollar bills…until the boat jolts. 

You’ve struck land. But this isn’t just another beach. These are the sandy shores of Voodoo Island. And just beyond the untrampled sand lies a dark forest, beckoning you to enter and see for yourself what mysteries lie within. Your attention, however, is on one thing: the Ambassador’s daughter…and of course, the 10 million dollars that awaits upon her rescue. That is the only mystery that needs to be solved today. And so with the spirit of a hero flowing through you, you exit the boat and the others fall in line. You have 60 minutes. 15 puzzles stand in your way. Here we go. Into the jungle.

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