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Explore The Island

blue sail boat | Rescue From Voodoo Island

The sun is shining over a cloudless blue sky. You and your friends are having a blast island hopping on your sailboat!

green and blue water | Rescue From Voodoo Island
green text bubble and blue radio | Rescue From Voodoo Island

You suddenly hear an SOS call on the radio. Everyone stops what they are doing. You turn up the radio and hear the Ambassador of the mainland pleading for help. His granddaughter has been kidnapped!


The Ambassador’s granddaughter is young, frightened, and needs someone to help her escape. You turn to your friends. You know what to do.

ambassador's granddaughter, who is blonde and wearing a light green shirt with dark green pants and shoes | Rescue From Voodoo Island
map with a skull and cross marking | Rescue From Voodoo Island

You’ve set your GPS and speed full force towards Voodoo Island, where she’s being held. You’re going to rescue her from Voodoo Island!

The Ambassador is even offering a 10 million dollar reward to whoever can save her! You were going to do it anyway, but with a reward like that, you’ve got to be the first one there…

blue brief case that says "reward"
blue and green timer

The Ambassador’s granddaughter is desperate for your help and you only have an hour to discover her location to be the first to the $10 million. Time is running out! Can you solve 15 puzzles, help save her life, and make it out with the money?