A Chilling Horror

It’s a Friday evening, in October.

You and your friends have packed the car, headed to the woods for a long-awaited camping experience. You can’t wait to relax and enjoy nature outside the city.


A commercial interrupts the car ride. It’s a state-wide PSA from the city government, reminding you to stay within the city limits since people venturing to the woods lately have been going missing. You dismiss it.

The lights from the city are dimming…

You’ve arrived at the cabin! You unpack, settle in, and light a fire in the pit to cook dinner. Then, to wrap up the night, you walk up the cliff to watch the sunset– and also to walk off those two extra servings of peach cobbler.

The sky suddenly fills with clouds…

A mile into the evening hike, dark clouds begin to hover over your group. You’re almost to the top of the cliff! The group brushes it off– a little rain never hurt anybody.

Hmmm… that’s strange.

You encounter a dimly lit pathway that you didn’t notice on the way here. Looking down the path, you see it leads to a darker part of the forest.


The air is full of fog and the slightly musky scent of wet earth. It’s unsettling, but you’re too intrigued to turn around. So you all take your first steps into the murky abyss.


You reach the end of the path. It’s gotten darker now, but the fog slowly fades. You’ve stumbled upon a rundown cabin with an iron candelabra out front. The candles are flickering in the wind. You feel a chill…


A sharp gust of wind blows out the candles, leaving the group in complete darkness.

You can’t see anything in front of you, but you hear the worried gasps from your friends. Your ears shudder from the sound of a screech inside the cabin. You become extremely dizzy, then black out…

You’ve got one hour to figure out what happened to you and get back to safety! The clock starts now.