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Why Escape Rooms are Great for Team Building

Escape rooms are awesome adventure zones where you collaborate with a group to solve clues and uncover how to escape from a locked room before the time runs out! The sense of mystery and urgency combine for an adrenaline rush of creativity, collaboration and problem-solving.

Escape rooms are excellent for building connections in any team. Whether it is a corporate team, a sports team, or any other type of group or club, an escape room is the perfect place to have an amazing experience, together. Plus, you will learn a lot about each other while having a ton of fun.

This is the new go-to team-building activity. Each escape room brings new experiences and new opportunities to see the team interact and grow together. Check out why we deem escape rooms a great team building experience!

1. Brings the Fun and Laughter

Having fun and laughing with one another brings any team closer. While we hope this is happening on a regular basis, we know that things can get tense when there are deadlines looming or championship games to win.

Escape rooms bring out the fun and laughter for everyone. Watching your teammates getting super excited about a clue, seeing everything come together and eventually that a-ha moment where you all make it out as a team. Sometimes all people need is a little reminder that their colleagues are just like them.

2. Work Together Toward a Common Goal

Most teams work toward a common overall goal, but they usually have smaller goals in place that demand more direct attention. For example, a baseball team has an overall goal of winning the game. In order to do that, each player has individual goals to achieve that outcome.

The same rings true in escape rooms. Everyone’s ultimate goal is to make it out, but each person will have a role to play in that effort. Team members will have to work together quickly to identify who is responsible for what and get to solvin’!

3. Improve Communication Skills

Communication is the key to success for any kind of team. In an escape room, there is a time limit for completing tasks and solving problems, so people come out of their shells quickly. They don’t have time for pleasantries or acting like anyone else except for themselves. When people act as their authentic selves, they usually feel more relaxed, accomplish more and communicate better with others. Watch everyone let their guard down and enjoy being together while trying to escape.

4. Build Trust

There is often a bit of competition in any team. A sales team competes for the highest number of new accounts. A sports team competes for time in the game or for a certain position. This can build up some distrust among members as they all go after the same thing.

For generations, team leaders have had teams do trust falls (yikes).  Everyone participates because they have to, no one likes it and most are embarrassed. An escape room, on the other hand, can help team members build trust as they reach for the same goal. Realizing that their counterparts all want what is best in the situation. This type of collaboration can translate back into the work ethic of the team. Instead of pure competition, they will trust each other more and build each other up instead of competing.

5. Get to Know Each Other Outside of the Team

Whether your team is a corporate group or a football team, all teams have individual roles. Corporate teams have managers who will usually be looked upon as being in charge, even if they cultivate great collaborative teamwork. Football teams will always look to their kicker to make the field goal.

When everyone is put into an escape room together, it levels the playing field. Everyone has the same opportunity to take the lead. If you are a manager or team leader in this situation, do not take the lead once inside, let someone else step forward. You may be surprised at the leadership skills that emerge from the most unexpected people.

Escape rooms are replacing old, outdated ways of team-building because they’re a fun, challenging and exciting way to bring people together. Sound like the perfect activity for you and your team? Check out what makes Escape Room San Antonio’s event experience exactly what you’re looking for:

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