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4 Escape Room Levels: What’s your rank?

Being an escape room expert requires training of the mind and spirit. Not everyone can be a pro right out the gate! There are 4 escape room levels that are based on expertise. Read about them below to gauge your skill set and learn what to challenge yourself with next!

Level 1: Rookie Room

This room will challenge you without hurting your brain too much.

  •  Don’t need to be tech-savvy since there is no technology incorporated in these rooms
  • Information is communicated through directions written on papers, posters, walls, under objects, etc. 
  • Player interaction is required in order for you to make any progress in the game

Level 2: Gizmos & Gadgets

If you like solving puzzles and figuring out how to work tricky gadgets, this is the room for you to challenge yourself with.

  • Key information and codes are obtained by figuring out how to crack electronic sensors
  • Release-triggered mechanisms are used instead of lockboxes and padlocks
  •  Utilization of magnetic, kinetic, or electronic features to move to the next portion of the game instead of relying on manual interaction

Level 3: Technical Trickery

This is where being tech-savvy is a must! A computer is in total control of your progression, therefore a more orchestrated approach is required. 

  • Use of computer-based systems to solve and release more clues
  •  Systems are implemented to make the user have to work in an ordinal structure, meaning you can’t try to crack another code before you first solve the one at hand

Level 4: Superior Security

This is like Level 3’s overprotective older brother: techy, but with picky and extra secure locks. 

  • Clues are revealed by responsive systems that are incorporated throughout the room
  • Every gateway is computer automated, such as safes, drawers, and doors
  • These rooms are 100% controlled by computers to make sure that your progress flows uninterrupted
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You’ll often find that live escape rooms incorporate mechanics from all 4 levels. This is to keep the game fun and offer something for all players to challenge themselves with! Along with the 4 levels of  expertise, there are 2 escape room styles you can play.

Are you about the journey or winning the race?

In our blog detailing the history of escape rooms, we explain that the first live escape room was opened in Asia. The objective was to compete against other players to see who could escape the room the fastest.  As escape rooms took over the world and started making their way into European countries, we started to see a shift from competitive based challenges to experiences that were intended to please your mind and eyes.

Both escape room styles are still popular among fanatics today, with players challenging themselves both online and in real life. 

Now that you know the intricacies of escape rooms, I bet you’re pumped to put your skills to the test! You can take a look at the different rooms at Escape Room San Antonio to see which room you think you can escape! And if you’re ready to take on the challenge,  you can lock your spot in as soon as today!

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