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Corporate Team Builders


With our massive list of past customers, it’s no secret we are San Antonio’s #1 escape for team building. We’ve hosted companies and schools of all sizes! From grade school to major universities and international box store giants to the local mom and pop shop! 


When you do a team building event with Escape Room San Antonio, you will gain a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, leaving your organization in a better position to overcome obstacles and become even more successful! Ready to improve team spirit and have a blast while doing it?

Graphic of three arrows pointing down left
Graphic of two corporate team members one is on the ground, while another stands in front of him, and protects them with a shield


Attention Teachers! Leave the textbooks at school and put your students’ minds to the test with a field trip to Escape Room San Antonio! Your students will be transported to another world where they’ll have to use their wit, creativity, and problem-solving skills to solve the ultimate escape game before time runs out.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling field trip adventure that will have students on the edge of their seats! 

More Info About Team Building Events

How do we book a time during the day when you show closed on google?

We work with you to host your team when it is most ideal for you. Even if our website/google shows we are closed. To get started, complete the Request A Quote form below. 

What are the prices for a team builder?

We understand organizations have tight budgets so we will offer a special quote at 30% to 40% off regular prices.  Depending on the size, date, and time of your event, the savings will vary. If you find a better rate, let us know and we’ll match or out bid it! Use the Request A Quote form below to get your custom price. 

Is a down payment required?

To secure a spot on the calendar and prevent others from reserving your preferred date/time, full payment is required before finalizing your reservation. This is to be fair to others looking to reserve with our company, often times at the same day/time that others are interested in. To get started, complete the Request A Quote form below. 

Can you provide a detailed quote so I can take it to my leadership for approval?

Absolutely! We do this all the time. Just keep in mind the reservation is not issued until payment is collected. A quote does not mean you have a reservation confirmed. The date/time you selected for a quote can be booked by another customer if you have not finalized payment with us. 

We are a school and need to pay with a check, can you accept a check?

Absolutely! We do this all the time. Just keep in mind the reservation is not issued until the check has cleared. That being said, once the check is delivered, we will create a temporary reservation until the check clears so that your date/time is held for you.

Can I add people after confirming my booking?

Of course! You can add players to your reservation at anytime. Just reply to your confirmation email and we will get it updated. If payment is needed, we will respond with options to collect payment. Usually this is done at the counter on the day of the event. Please note, if removing a player, we are unable to offer refunds or cancellations for that ticket.  

What if some of our participants can’t make it on the day of our event?

If someone is unable to attend on the day of the event, we recommend letting us know as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds or cancellations, but you may bring in a substitute player in their place. If you have already purchased their player ticket, you may use that ticket towards the substitute player’s ticket.

What’s the maximum players we can have for a corporate team builder?

We’ve hosted teams larger than 60 before. This is possible with our massive escapes at our Bandera location where each of our escape rooms have capacities ranging from 6 to 12 players each. While our Stone Oak location is a bit smaller and can handle up to 30 participants.  Depending on the total count of players, your team may be split between rooms. Don’t worry though, we will start all the escapes at the same time! Use the Request A Quote form below to see if we can accommodate your group size!

What if my company is tax-exempt?

We can remove the sales tax from your booking. Just indicate your tax-exempt status in the Request A Quote form below.

Can you invoice my company?

Due to the nature of our business, full payments are due before a corporate team building can be reserved. However, we understand accounting needs and can provide a PDF invoice once payment is received.