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Escape Room San Antonio’s 5 Tips and Tricks to Win

Escape Room San Antonio’s 5 Tips and Tricks to Win

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be ready for victory!

If you’ve gone to Escape Room San Antonio, you may have discovered that the fun escape puzzles hidden in our rooms can be highly challenging. That’s okay– in fact, that’s great– because the challenge is what makes Escape Room San Antonio the most fun escape room in San Antonio. But just in case you’d like some tips and tricks to beat the tougher rooms, we’ve put them together for you:

  1. Escape Puzzles

It’s easy to miss a puzzle at Escape Room San Antonio. After all, they can be well hidden! Escape Room San Antonio has carefully designed each of our escape puzzles so you have to really put in the effort to solve them. But before you solve the escape puzzles, you need to find not just the puzzle, but each of the clues. Wondering where you can find a lot of escape puzzle clues? Check the walls! We’ve got plenty of cool stuff for you to look at. Some of it is just to immerse you in the Escape Room San Antonio experience, but some of it is more important…

  1. Family Escape Room

At many escape rooms, you’ll get lumped in with a group of random strangers. You might not want to ask those random strangers for help with the escape puzzles you can’t solve. But since Escape Room San Antonio is a family escape room, you’ll only be in a room with your family (and/or your friends). Ask for help when you need it without the awkwardness of someone you’ve never met!

  1. Mystery Escape Room

Especially in Escape Room San Antonio’s mystery escape rooms, keep your eyes peeled! Anything could be a clue. Even in our rooms that don’t specifically cater to mystery, there are plenty of clues hidden in places you won’t expect. See an interesting decoration? You might want to check the sides, or the bottom, or look at it more carefully…

  1. San Antonio Escape Room

Don’t know what to look for? Here at Escape Room San Antonio, escape room clues can look very different depending on the room. For example, rooms open to younger age groups might have lower difficulty puzzles and more clues closer to the ground. More challenging rooms might have more complex or more spread out clues. And if an item seems important to a room’s plot, it may be worth a second look…

  1. Book Escape Room San Antonio

Even with these tips, the escape puzzles in Escape Room San Antonio will still be a challenge. That’s what makes escaping so much fun! Book your Escape Room San Antonio experience today!

Experience Escape Room San Antonio

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