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4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Escape Room San Antonio and Its New Room: Saboteur

4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Escape Room San Antonio and Its New Room: Saboteur

There are plenty of great reasons to visit Escape Room San Antonio. Here are four of our favorites!

Want to escape your boring day, get out of your house, and enjoy some fun puzzle-solving, world-exploring action? Look no further than Escape Room San Antonio! Our private escape rooms are one of the top things to do in San Antonio. Our great escape room has gotten even better with the addition of Saboteur, our newest room. Here are 4 reasons you need to visit:

  1. Private Escape Rooms

That’s right. Private escape rooms. Just for you. Every time. Here at Escape Room San Antonio, we aren’t going to lock you in a room with people you’ve never met. (We also clean the rooms after each use). This isn’t a dime-a-dozen escape room. At Escape Room San Antonio, our private escape rooms are just for you to explore with your friends and family.

  1. Family Friendly Escape Rooms

What could be more family friendly than being forced to work together with your family members? Either you love spending time with your family, and Escape Room San Antonio makes for a great bonding activity, or you don’t love spending time with your family, which means you need that family bonding time even more. Our thoughtful staff will work hard to make sure you have a family friendly escape room experience here at Escape Room San Antonio.

  1. Veteran Owned and Operated Business

Did you know that Escape Room San Antonio is both veteran owned and operated? Tyler, our owner, is very friendly, and he loves to interact with customers like you! He’s happy to answer all your Escape Room San Antonio questions… except the ones about clues (no spoilers)!

  1. Saboteur: An Escape Room San Antonio experience unlike anything else

In most escape rooms, you work together with everyone else in the room to solve the puzzles and make it out in time. Saboteur, which was originally designed and built by Tyler just for Escape Room San Antonio, is different. Imagine playing a game of Clue where you and your friends are the characters. One of you is guilty. As you solve the room, you’ll unlock clues about which one of you the saboteur is. Here’s the twist: the first person to guess the saboteur may win a prize, and players have ample opportunity to sabotage each other…

There are many more great reasons to come visit Escape Room San Antonio, whether it’s to play Saboteur or check out our five other awesome rooms. Book a room with us today!

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