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How Do Escape Rooms Work?

Are you ready for an exciting, mind-bending experience that allows you to test your problem-solving skills? Escape rooms are built to do just that- all while allowing you to laugh and compete with your friends and family. You may ask yourself, how do escape rooms work? Below we’ll list the steps to unlocking the adventure of an escape room game!

Escape Steps

Step 1: We take you into a room where we give you the mission and backstory.

Step 2:  You head into the themed room where you begin to save the girl, find the jewel, prove your innocence, or escape! 

Step 3:  You must work together to explore and find clues to solve the mystery! There are clues hidden around every corner; every object could lead to a passcode or hint that unlocks the mystery! Can you put your heads together to find them all?

Step 4: Bask in the glory of your triumph and victory! If you found all of the hidden clues, then you made it, and it’s time to celebrate! Or hang your head in disappointment until you try again!

Escape Room San Antonio

Each of our four escape games has a different backstory and unique theme and skill level. Our rooms are perfect for friends, families, or teams of all ages and skill levels! That means you could book us for a birthday party, a bachelor party, a corporate team-building event. Ready to invite your friends and family for all of the action? Book your escape adventure at!


Experience Escape Room San Antonio

Book one of our 6 escape rooms and experience the ultimate escape adventure – there’s something for everyone. We can’t wait to see you!