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Learn the Mystery of Escape Room Personalities

Everybody’s Escape Room experience will be drastically different depending on the people in your group. Whether you consciously recognize it or not, all participants take on a certain role throughout the game. Each player’s unique characteristics give them a signature method and style that emerges as they interact with both the team and our mind-bending puzzles and riddles.

The excitement of our game allows your everyday personality to shine through with more enthusiasm and clarity. As your next escape room adventure unfolds, learn the mystery of the personalities playing with you. 

Which one of the escape room player categories do you or your teammates fall under?

Team Leader

Every team needs a strong leader, someone who is organized and motivated. The leader of your team is the person who has the natural ability to take charge and look at things from a big picture perspective or a birds-eye view. The leader will set up a game plan from the beginning and will make some of the executive decisions. While other team members are off searching for clues, the leader is the person keeping the clues organized, evaluating the riddles left to be solved, and keeping everyone else on track. 


The seekers are the most excited and observant players throughout the Escape Room. They jump from puzzle to puzzle to collect as many clues as possible before putting all the pieces together to solve the mystery. They go through every drawer, book, or picture frame and are quick to notice when something seems out of place. Seekers are curious and will be the first ones to notice the little clues other people looked past. Seekers are immersed in the exciting atmosphere of the game and they are there for the experience of the Escape Room. They bring energy to the team in every task or puzzle they complete.

Brain Twister

Brain twisters are able to make sense of the clues and information the thrill-seeker found. This player is someone who is naturally talented at noticing patterns, cracking codes, or solving riddles. Brain twisters enjoy being challenged intellectually and they never seem to run out of new ideas. They will be persistent when faced with challenges in the Escape Room and they are unlikely to give up until they’ve solved the mystery or cracked the code. 

Lock Picker

Lock pickers are the people who are strictly focused on results. They go straight for the locks in any room and try every combination imaginable instead of trying to solve the riddle or puzzle that gives them the combo. Occasionally, lock pickers can get lucky and find the right random numbers; however, this may throw off the flow of the game. Escape room games are well-planned paths and every player should have a fair chance to solve it.

What Type of Escape Room Personality are you?

If you want to escape the room successfully, you must work together as a team of family, friends, or even coworkers. Check out the benefits of putting your professional work team through an escape room as a team-building exercise in our last blog. 

Every player brings their unique characteristics and personalities to the table and it’s up to you to solve the riddle of getting everyone to work together seamlessly. Put your own escape room personality to the test by trying to crack any of our 4 thrilling mysteries at Escape Room San Antonio! Let’s find out if you can escape today!

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