5 Interesting Facts About Escape Rooms: January Edition

Interesting Facts About Escape Rooms

If you have a thirst for random knowledge about escape rooms, you’re at the right place. Escape Rooms haven’t been around for a very long time but they’ve been heavily inspired by games and television shows of the past, which have attracted the likes of competitive gamers from all over the world. A competitive personality should coincide with an inquisitive nature, so here are five really fun facts about escape rooms you may not have known before.

  1. The most common scenes within escape rooms are a prison break, a bank robbery, and a zombie apocalypse. There are hundreds of other scenes for those looking to branch out!

  2. The world’s longest escape room, in Pennsylvania, lasts 4 hours. While there are puzzle-solving adventure games that take longer, 4 hours is the longest time period to be locked in a single room with a mission to escape.

  3. The world’s largest escape room, which is 25,000 square feet, is in Canada. While some facilities are similarly sized, this underground bunker is the largest single-room escape room.

  4. Texas, where Escape Room San Antonio is located, has the third most escape rooms of any state. California has the most.

  5. The first real-life escape room was built in Tokyo in 2007 by Takao Kato, where the concept originated as a nightlife event but quickly grew to be an activity all on its own. Kato’s introduction of a 60-minute timer and escape-based mechanics added onto the excitement of previous TV shows and games.

These are only a handful of interesting facts we compiled about escape rooms past and present. Of course, there are way more facts out there. If you love escape rooms, you should also love learning about escape rooms. If you’d like to tackle one with a group of friends, book a room today!