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Unlock the Key to Successful Team Building

Are you tired of only seeing your employees through Zoom? 

Working remotely over the past few months may have your team feeling a bit disconnected.  While in quarantine, they have lost those in-office human interactions that build stronger relationships amongst coworkers. 

What if we told you Escape Rooms are one of the safest places for small groups to mingle again?!

It’s true! We’ve proven it in our COVID safety blog so that you can Escape Into the Thrill Safely again!

Escape rooms are a fun and interactive team building activity you could do in 60 minutes or less that drives both trust and collaboration. The trust and collaboration your team establishes in an escape room can be translated into both virtual and in-person office spaces!


Communication Is Key!

Multiple brains are better than one, right? Definitely when those brains are effectively communicating and working together towards the same goal!

Escape rooms will have your team listening to and communicating with each other as they work to find different clues. Effective communication will come in handy as your team races against the clock to figure out how the clues come together to solve puzzles and riddles. Whether or not your team is successful in escaping the room, some very beneficial experiences are had that establish trust and encourage collaboration. As your team starts to communicate, they learn more about each other and they’re more comfortable relying on one another. These stronger relationships and communication skills can be carried over into the workplace so that your team can work together seamlessly.


Flex Your Problem-Solving Muscles and Creativity

We understand how boring it can be to sit at the same desk doing the same thing from 9-5 every day. When employees are bored, morale is low, and it is unlikely that the best results are being produced. Escape rooms provide the perfect opportunity to work on your critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a high-intensity and low-stakes environment. 

Your escape room experience will be filled with mind-bending puzzles and crazy riddles that will push you and your team to think outside the box. Escape room games challenge your team to flex their problem-solving muscles and come up with creative solutions. As the clock counts down, the pressure builds and motivates everyone to be energized and engaged in the game. Your team will be more excited to innovate and collaborate after coming back from the escape room with a greater sense of accomplishment. 


Score Bragging Rights!

Everybody learns and works in different ways. Escape rooms will provide a unique experience where your team can play to their strengths and work on their weaknesses in a thrilling and safe environment. As the game unfolds, each member will have a chance to score bragging rights as they naturally fall into the leader or problem-solver roles. The puzzles and riddles throughout the course will challenge your team to learn where they can utilize their unique strengths to benefit the team the most. You will be able to observe the team’s dynamics as a whole and identify the opportunities you can leverage on real work projects in the future. 


Learn The Mystery!

Escape rooms are an innovative tool that keep your team’s minds sharp and engaged in ways that other team building activities don’t. Regardless of whether or not your team escapes the room, everyone will be able to walk away saying they learned something new about themselves or the team. 

Escape Room San Antonio offers a unique corporate team building opportunity where your team gets to try out two thrilling escape rooms. Between attempts, an interactive collaboration session will break down everything that happened and analyze key takeaways. Whether you are a newly-formed team, or you have been working together for some time, there’s always room for improvement. Learn the mystery and book your own corporate team building event today!

Experience Escape Room San Antonio

Book one of our 6 escape rooms and experience the ultimate escape adventure – there’s something for everyone. We can’t wait to see you!