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Meet the Best Escape Room Team in the World!

The ultimate guide to shattering solve-time records and finding your way out of each of our escape rooms.

From Russia with Love

Many moons ago in the Fall of 2018, a humble group of escape artists came together for a full day of number crunching, puzzle solving, and the ultimate showcase of teamwork to set the Guinness World Record for most escape rooms played (and solved) in one day! 

In 24 hours, Rich Bragg, Dan Egnor, Ana Ulin, and Amanda Harris locked themselves in 22 separate escape rooms. Yes, 22! Even more impressively, this group of magicians only failed to escape from one of those twenty-two rooms.

As incredible as this feat was, the most awe-inspiring aspect of their endeavour was the fact they did this in Russia. You read that right. Many of the rooms’ clues were written…in Russian. Fortunately, Ana Ulin was comfortable with the language and was able to navigate any puzzles not written in English. Why Russia? Great question. 

Of the many things that Russia is known for other than stiff vodka, men fighting bears, and weather patterns that could make Canada look like a tropical paradise, Moscow is also home to one of the largest and most diverse number of escape rooms in the world. 

Our group of heroes began their day at 8:17 AM, pausing only when necessary to eat or travel to the next location. Wondering what their schedule looked like? They mapped it all down to the second.

So how’d they do it? What tips and tricks can you add to your team’s repertoire before braving one of Escape Room San Antonio’s challenges? Taken from the best escape room team of all time, here are a few player archetypes that make setting (and shattering) record solve times more likely:

A Word of Advice from the Best Escape Room Team in the World: Mr./Ms. Persistent The Vocalizer The Drifter Captain Obvious

Mr./Mrs. Persistant

This player often tackles the more time-consuming puzzles while the rest of the group works to accomplish the “easier” tasks. It can be frustrating to see other group members breaking locks and finding new clues while you continue to persist on the same challenge.

But every team needs this player. They are patient, detail-oriented, and above all, focused on the task at hand at all times. Pinpoint the most difficult puzzle and let Mr./Ms. Persistent get to work on it.

The Vocalizer

If Ed Sheeren showed us that “Thinking Out Loud” was the key to finding love right where we are, then let our Hall of Fame group of escape artists be evidence that thinking out loud is also vital if you want to solve escape rooms in record time. 

When teams get frustrated, they can become withdrawn from one another. But vocalizing ideas, no matter how whacky or out-of-the-box they may be, is crucial. No idea is a dumb idea to The Vocalizer. This player encourages others to talk through their thought process. Communication is key!

The Drifter

Also known as the “Hyperactive Helper”, this player can’t sit still. If this sounds like a detriment, we promise you it’s not. Find your favorite ADHD friend, stick them in a tiny room with you, and watch them tinker with literally everything.

While Mr./Ms. Persistent is hunkered down figuring out a number combination, The Drifter is reaching into crevices, behind shelves, and under ledges to find that next clue. Where others might look past seemingly unimportant objects, The Drifter can find the diamond in the rough. You never know where the next key might be hidden, but you can bet that Hyperactive Helper will sniff it out.

Captain Obvious

It’s easy to start overthinking when you’ve been trapped in the same room for twenty minutes. It’s at this point that we often see teams overcomplicating things. We’ve designed these rooms to be challenging, yes, but you shouldn’t need to do any advanced calculus in order to escape.

The best escape room teams have one key member who reminds everyone to be rational and to systematically analyze each of the options before them to reach a solution. “The simplest answer is usually the right answer”. This can be a powerful mindset to have when you feel stuck, and it’s often spearheaded by Captain Obvious.

After reading this guide, if you think you’re armed with what it takes to…

prove your innocence,

rescue the ambassador’s daughter,

escape from a tomb,

uncover a priceless jewel,

or find your way out of a haunted cabin,

then come test your skills and see if you can become the very best team of the very best escape rooms in San Antonio. Who knows, you might just set a few records.

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