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Begin Your Journey to Find the Lost Jewel!

You were at the top of your graduating class; and it earned you a job at the British National Museum. After being immediately placed in charge of acquiring assets and rare historical artifacts for the museum, you were introduced to the one and only Magnus Fergeson. Most people wouldn’t realize the weight of this introduction, but as someone who’s studied ancient artifacts for years, you know that Magnus is one of the most renowned explorers and hunters of mysterious relics. 

You’ve been getting daily updates from Magnus as he scours Zanzibar for the coveted Los Jewel. He had been making steady progress for over a week until suddenly his messages came to a halt. Four days passed with no word from him. Until last night when a voice recording appeared in your inbox.

“I found it. Three days ago…I found the Jewel. It’s even more glorious than anticipated. It’s not worth millions. It’s worth tens of millions. Which is why I’m sending you this message. I’m not the only one in search of the Jewel. Goran Barovich is here. Surely you remember the Warlord’s conquests in this region. He desires only the value of the Jewel so he can fuel his continued massacre of these lands. Goran has been following me for several days now and I fear that he and his band of killers are not far behind. I’ve flead Zanzibar. Surely he will follow…which is why I’ve concealed the jewel in my campsite half-way up the mountain. You must retrieve it before he discovers that it is not in my possession. I can’t describe where it’s located over this message out of fear that it might fall into the wrong hands. But I’ve left you a series of clues. Remember your training, remember everything I’ve taught you, and you’ll find the Lost jewel of Zanzibar. Only you can ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

Follow the trail. Solve the Clues. Find the Jewel

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