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The Tomb of the Red Queen Awaits

The Mayan Ruins of Palenque have long been home to fascinating pieces of history, namely the ancient mummies buried here. These preserved bodies once belonged to Kings and Queens of ages past, but today, their spirits belong to the tombs through which you now wander. You make your way through dimly lit corridors and passages and into areas where few men have gone before. As your team trudges deeper and deeper into the ruins, your flashlights begin to dim. Just as you stop and make an effort to return from whence you came, the walls begin to shake and rocks tumble around you. Suddenly the stairs above you are blocked by rubble and each of you recognize that the only way forward…is downward.

You continue your descent until you reach a small tomb, no bigger than a New York City studio apartment. In this moment you realize that you are all standing in a lost burial ground of The Red Queen, wife of the once powerful King Pakal. As you start to share this realization with the group, an eerie voice echoes through the small chamber:


“Upon these grounds, I once endeavored to bury my Queen.

Follow my guide and heed my warning.

For the ends will justify your means.

Use your wit and try your best.

You hold the power to reunite lost lovers

And lay her soul to rest.

Be quick, but more importantly be clever.

For you may be rewarded with riches

Or be trapped in this tomb…forever.”


As King Pakal’s booming voice fades, the lanterns on the wall ignite and a large rock rolls in front of the Tomb’s only exit. You’re trapped. There’s only one way out. You must do what the King commanded. Solve his riddles. Follow his clues. If you do this, you will reunite the souls of ancient Palenque royalty, and in doing so, reap rewards. But if you fail, this Tomb will become home to more than just the Red Queen.

Will you be quick? Will you be clever? Or will you be trapped in the tomb forever?

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